Migraine and Headache Solutions
  • Experience fewer headaches with a mouthguard
  • Relieve chronic pain with a simple appliance
  • See us in the early morning for your convenience
Wake Up Without Headaches

Reclaim Your Life With Migraine & Headache Solutions in Atlanta

There are numerous causes for headaches or migraines, so it can be hard to know what is the most helpful solution for your chronic pain. At 19th Street Dental, we’ll work with you on finding migraine and headache solutions in Atlanta that give you much-needed relief. While we refer some patients with migraines to our recommended specialist, we can still offer treatment that will:

  • Address multiple kinds of pain
  • Allow you to wake up without pain or fatigue
  • Fix alignment issues causing you problems
  • Protect your smile from dental damage

Get relief from your headache pain by calling 678-990-3143 for an appointment. We offer early morning appointment times twice a week.

Feel Like Yourself Again with Migraine Relief

We often see patients walk through our doors dealing with multiple symptoms, not just headaches, that point to a TMJ disorder. In fact, about 8 out of 10 people dealing with TMJ dysfunction suffer from frequent headaches. If you are also dealing with jaw pain, tend to grind your teeth, or feel tension in your neck and shoulders, you may benefit from our TMJ treatment. A custom-fit night guard will act as a barrier between your teeth to relieve your jaw pain, and, as a result, your headache pain too.

However, this isn’t the only solution to your headache pain. You may also find relief with:

  • Sleep Apnea Treatment –  If you also deal with daytime fatigue, wake up gasping for air, or snore while you sleep in addition to your headaches, our sleep guard can keep your airways open during the night to give you much-needed relief.
  • Orthodontics – A misaligned bite can lead to teeth grinding or clenching, which triggers headaches. We can discuss our clear aligner options with you that will get your teeth in alignment and potentially relieve migraines.
  • Dental Filling or Root CanalToothaches can trigger a headache. We can use a filling or crown to treat decay in your teeth. If an infection has reached the pulp inside your tooth, we can perform a gentle root canal to save your tooth and stop the pain.

It’s our goal that you’ll walk out of our office with a solution to your headache or migraine pain. Find out about our headache and migraine solutions in Atlanta by calling 678-990-3143.

Common Questions About Migraine & Headache Solutions

What causes headaches?

There are many types of headaches and many different sources for them. However, many headaches are related to stress and tension, especially in your jaw. Teeth grinding in particular has been shown to be a major cause of migraine and tension headaches. Reducing teeth grinding (also known as bruxism) will help eliminate this type of headache.

What are your migraine and headache solutions?

Our most common migraine headache treatment is an oral device. If your discomfort is triggered by your jaw or teeth grinding, we can develop a device that slightly moves your jaw to stop discomfort and grinding while you sleep. If your headaches are triggered by a bad bite, we may suggest orthodontics or restorations to improve it and therefore reduce or remove your associated headaches. We may also suggest you see a specialist for additional treatment.

How is a migraine different from a headache?

Every year, there are more than three million reported cases of migraines in the U.S., so it’s more common than you might think. A migraine is a unique type of head pain that’s often far more intense and accompanied by other unpleasant symptoms like light and sound sensitivity and nausea. You may experience migraines that come with painful throbbing in one concentrated area of your head as well.

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