• Eliminate issues that have bothered you for years
  • Enjoy your smile faster with aligner treatment
  • Schedule your visit as early as 7 a.m.
Reveal Straight Teeth With Aligners

Achieve Your Dream Smile With Orthodontics in Atlanta

Straight teeth don’t just improve your smile’s appearance, they are better for your oral health too. Many patients deal with alignment problems that can cause complicated issues such as TMJ disorders, headaches, and more. With our orthodontics in Atlanta, you’ll find options that will:

  • Give you a more attractive smile that boosts your confidence
  • Improve your dental health since bacteria and plaque have fewer places to hide
  • Inspire you to pursue goals in your career and social life
  • Discreetly straighten your teeth without anyone noticing
  • Alleviate issues caused by misaligned teeth

Find out if you are a good candidate for our clear aligner orthodontics by calling 678-990-3143 for an appointment.

Straighten Your Teeth in Less Time With Our Orthodontic Solutions

If you are an adult interesting in pursuing orthodontic treatment, the idea of wearing braces can seem a bit awkward. No one wants to show metal in their mouth during a professional meeting! That’s why we’re proud to offer you clear aligners that straighten your teeth without anyone noticing.

When you come in for a consultation, we’ll first examine your mouth to confirm if you are a good candidate for our orthodontic options. While our clear aligners can fix a wide range of alignment problems, they are not the best fit for everyone. If we can confirm you are ready to start treatment, we’ll discuss your aligner choices:

  • Invisalign – This aligner treatment is one of the most popular orthodontic choices. The aligners are removable, but you do need to wear them for at least 22 hours a day.
  • SureSmile – This option is very similar to Invisalign, but it is typically a bit more affordable.

We’ll discuss which option is best for your smile needs during your first orthodontic appointment. Before you know it, you’ll be wearing your aligners and started on the path to straight teeth.

We also have space maintainers for children that can help avoid future alignment problems. It’s an ideal option if your child has lost their teeth prematurely. It will help their permanent teeth grow in naturally and in the proper position so they can avoid the need for braces in the future.

Your straight teeth are waiting! For orthodontics in Atlanta, call 678-990-3143 for a consultation. You can also request an appointment online. We have early morning visits available twice a week for your convenience.

Common Questions About Orthodontics

How effective are orthodontics?

Our orthodontic options are very effective for correcting a wide variety of orthodontic issues. We offer Invisalign and SureSmile, either of which can straighten your teeth faster than traditional braces. Both methods will give you a straight and beautiful smile in months rather than two years or longer like braces take.

How much does orthodontics cost?

Each patient who comes to us for orthodontics is different. There are no two sets of teeth exactly alike. Until we’ve had a chance to examine your mouth and take X-rays, there is no way to give you a price on your orthodontic treatment. Once we have more information, we can give you an accurate estimate for your orthodontics.

Can orthodontics help TMJ pain?

Orthodontics can be helpful in alleviating bite issues, which can in turn help lessen TMJ pain. During an initial consultation, we’ll give you our professional opinion about your situation and whether orthodontics is the right solution. If it isn’t, we offer other treatments for TMJ pain, including a professional mouthguard that will relieve tension on your TMJs.

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