Repair Your Smile With Tooth Fillings in Atlanta

Chances are, you’ll develop a cavity at some point in your lifetime. If you get one, you can rest easy knowing that Atlanta tooth fillings are available from 19th Street Dental. Our dentists have placed countless fillings during their careers and will be happy to help you as well. Here are a few benefits of getting your tooth filled here:

  • Laughing gas is available if you’re nervous about your treatment.
  • We have early morning appointments available two days a week.
  • Our dentists both have decades of experience in restorative dentistry.
  • You’re important to us, and we’ll always greet you with a warm smile.

Let our team help get your smile back in shape. Call us today at 678-990-3143 to schedule an appointment.

Take Care of Your Cavity With a Filling

An untreated cavity can cause you to need more extensive dental care than just a filling. If the cavity is allowed to spread, you may need an inlay, onlay, or dental crown to repair the damage. If decay reaches the soft interior part of your tooth, the damage could require a root canal for the repair. That’s why we recommend you visit us twice a year for a dental cleaning and exam. Routine checkups give us the chance to spot cavities and fix them before they become big problems.

At 19th Street Dental, we offer two types of tooth fillings:

  • Composite Resin Fillings – Our dentists place mostly composite resin fillings. The tooth-colored composite is made from tiny particles of glass and plastic and will blend in well with the rest of your smile. Another benefit of composite tooth fillings is that we remove less healthy tooth material to prepare your tooth for the filling.
  • Amalgam Fillings – We can also use traditional silver fillings if needed. Amalgam fillings are used in some situations to provide extra strength to the repair. Although both types of fillings should last for several years before needing replacement, amalgam fillings tend to last longer.

If you need Atlanta tooth fillings, you don’t have to look any further than 19th Street Dental. Call us today to schedule your appointment at 678-990-3143.