Restore Your Oral Health With Atlanta Root Canals

You’ve probably heard how awful a root canal procedure is supposed to be. Movies, TV, and popular opinion would have you believe there’s nothing worse than this treatment. However, Atlanta root canals are quite comfortable at 19th Street Dental. We’ll make sure you stay pain-free during your procedure. In fact, a root canal is a beneficial treatment that will:

  • Stop the pain caused by an infected tooth
  • Save your tooth from extraction in most cases
  • Make biting and chewing easy again
  • Help prevent future problems with your tooth

If you’re in pain, call us now at 678-990-3143. We’ll fit you in for an emergency appointment as soon as possible, so you can feel better and get your smile back on track.

Enjoy an Easy Process for Your Root Canal

If a cavity goes untreated and is allowed to spread to the pulp chamber – the soft inner portion of the tooth – you may need a root canal to repair the damage. Infection-causing bacteria can also get inside your tooth through an injury like a break or crack. Regardless of how the tooth became infected, the only two treatment options are a root canal or extraction. In most cases we’re able to save a diseased tooth with root canal therapy. This allows you to avoid the hassle and expense of an extraction and tooth replacement.

For this procedure, we will first offer you sedation, if desired, then:

  • Access the pulp chamber and remove the diseased tissue
  • Repair the canals inside the tooth
  • Sterilize the tooth to prevent reinfection
  • Seal the tooth with a filling
  • Recommend capping the repaired tooth with a same-day crown made right in our office

After your procedure is complete, you’ll have the full beauty and function of your tooth restored. No one will know that your tooth has been repaired, and you’ll be able to enjoy all your favorite foods comfortably again.

To find out more about Atlanta root canals, call 19th Street Dental today at 678-990-3143.