Prepare Your Smile for Implants With a Ridge Augmentation in Atlanta

If you have missing teeth, your jaw tends to lose its shape because your bone shrinks in the area you have lost your teeth. Before we place dental implants in your mouth, we may need to prepare your mouth with a ridge augmentation in Atlanta. This procedure will:

  • Reshape and rebuild the ridge of gum and bone that surrounded your teeth
  • Make it possible for you to receive dental implants
  • Improve the success of your implant procedure
  • Restore the appearance of your jaw’s contours so you look younger and healthier

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Revive Your Jawline for Your Implant Procedure

With a ridge augmentation procedure, we’ll recreate the natural contours of your gum and jawline along the alveolar ridge of the jaw. This is the area that surrounds your tooth roots. When your teeth are gone, your bone and gum tissue often fill in the space, but they can diminish without replacement. Then you may deal with bone loss that makes it necessary to perform this procedure.

Once we’ve placed the bone material in your jaw to rebuild the area where you’ve lost teeth and your mouth has healed, we can perform an implant procedure. Since the implants stimulate your jaw the same way as natural tooth roots do, they keep the bone in your jaw intact and strong.

Our implant options include:

Your implant dentist will discuss which option is best for you, depending on your unique smile situation. We’ll use digital X-rays and 3-D CT scanning to plan your procedure to ensure the most successful outcome. If you are nervous about any treatment we are performing, you can relax with laughing gas sedation. It’ll give you a sense of calm during your appointment, but you’ll still be able to drive home.

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