Restore Your Confidence With Bad Breath Treatment in Atlanta

Nothing is more embarrassing than someone telling you that you have bad breath. While sometimes the solution is to simply to do a better job brushing your teeth, the problem can persist if you have an underlying oral health issue that’s the cause. Our bad breath treatment in Atlanta will:

  • Identify and address the causes of your problem
  • Restore your dental health
  • Eliminate self-conscious moments
  • Provide long-lasting relief

Find out what’s really going on that’s causing your bad breath by calling 678-990-3143 for an appointment. We have early morning appointments to fit your busy schedule!

Avoid Awkward Moments by Treating Your Bad Breath

There’s no reason to feel like you’re the only one with breath problems. In fact, over 50 percent of the population deals with halitosis, or chronic bad breath. The reasons for this issue vary. When you come in for treatment, we’ll do a thorough examination to get to the root of the problem. Based on what we find, we may recommend:

  • Dental Cleaning – If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, sometimes a thorough cleaning is what you need to get rid of the tartar and plaque triggering your bad breath.
  • Gum Disease Treatment – A gum infection can lead to breath problems, especially in the more advanced stages. We’ll do a deep cleaning that eliminates the disease to restore your gum health and refresh your breath.
  • Dry Mouth Treatment – Without sufficient saliva to eliminate bacteria and food particles, it can cause breath problems. We’ll recommend products or offer medicated rinses to treat the issue.
  • Tooth Filling – Cavities can lead to breath issues, so we’ll restore your dental health with a filling.
  • Root Canal – If an infection has reached the pulp of your tooth, this can lead to bad breath as well. We’ll perform a gentle root canal and get your smile back on track.

Certain medications and diseases such as cancer or chronic acid reflux can also lead to an unpleasant odor in your mouth. We can recommend products you can use at home to treat the problem.

For bad breath treatment in Atlanta, call 678-990-3143.